Karl Marx Monument – Chemnitz, Germany

Second-largest bust in the world after the gigantic Lenin in Ulan-Ude, the Karl-Marx Monument is the most famous landmark of Chemnitz, a large city in former GDR.

Nicknamed “Nischel” (Upper Saxon German for head), the monument was commissioned to Soviet sculptor Lev Kerbel to honour the 1953 renaming of the city to Karl-Marx-Stadt.
The giant bronze head, 7,1 meters tall and around 40 tonnes heavy, was inaugurated on 9 October 1971.

After German reunification (and the subsequent return to the city’s previous name) demolition and sale were proposed but the monument in the end remained in its place.

Karl Marx head in Chemnitz Impossible Yellow Duochrome Third Man Records Edition / Polaroid 636 Closeup

Mikoyan Brothers Museum – Alaverdi, Armenia

Born in Sanahin, among the majestic mountains of Armenia, the Mikoyan brothers became both prominent personalities of USSR.
Anastas, the older, as head of state until the Sixties; Artem as creator – together with designer Mikhail Gurevich – of the most famous Soviet fighter aircraft, the MiG.

After their death, the two had a small memorabilia museum established in their honour in Alaverdi.
In the yard, a huge memorial was built in 1982 – an impressive, king-size concrete cantilevered canopy hanging over a MiG-21.

The MiG-21 Memorial Polaroid B&W 600 Film Color Frames – Polaroid Supercolor 670AF

Stalin statue – Gori railway station, Georgia

Iron Man’s hometown, the Georgian city of Gori still hosts one of the last surviving statues of Iosif Stalin.

Inside a polished, freshly green-painted vaulted lounge at the main train station, a marble figure of the austere moustached Soviet leader stands out among the passengers waiting for their ride.

Stalin statue in the waiting hall Fujifilm instax mini black / Leica Sofort

We are our mountains – Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh

National symbol of de facto Republic of Artsakh, the monument was sculpted in 1967 by Soviet Armenian artist Sargis Baghdasaryan.

Carved out of reddish volcanic tufa and at one with nature, these enormous elderly in their folk clothes – hence the nickname “tatik-papik”, grandpa and grandma – are to represent the centenarians people of the mountains and the heritage of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Tatik-Papik, Stepanakert Polaroid B&W 600 Film Color Frames / Polaroid Supercolor 670AF

Hammer and Sickle – Segezha, Karelia

Huge hammer and sickle monument on a traffic divider in Segeža, Russia.

Main industrial center of Soviet Karelia, the city hosted a plant for the production of reinforced concrete and the ЦБК, the largest paper packaging kombinat of the USSR.

Hammer and Sickle monument Polaroid Color 600 Summer Haze Edition / Polaroid Supercolor 670AF
Hammer and Sickle monument Fujifilm instax mini black / Leica Sofort